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 Traditional FF Wreath-pines cones & bow


Traditional Fraser Fir Wreath with pinecones & hand-tied bow

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 Mixed FF Wreath with pinescones & bow


Traditional Fraser Fir Wreath with pinecones & hand-tied bow

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 FF garland


Mixed Fraser Fir and White Pine Garland

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 Mixed FF & WP garland


Fraser Fir Garland



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Cartner Christmas Tree Wins Grand Champion Prize at Local County Fair


Sam Cartner poses below with his grand champion tree at the Avery County Agriculture Fair.

“Congratulations on winning the NC tree and wreath competition. Truly a legacy the family had built in NC and the industry that celebrates the most joyous day of the year. God bless.”

– Jennifer Viets

North Carolina State University

College of Natural Resources

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Birthday Wish – Part Two

L to R – Joe, Laura, Barbara, Stephanie, Tom, Scott, & Sam

Scott Lozier & Sam Cartner

Two years ago, when asked what what he wanted for his birthday, all Scott Lozier wanted was to go to the North Carolina Mountains to see the Cartner Christmas Tree Farm. And that is just what his family gave him.

Again this weekend, we welcomed Scott and his family back to the farm. From the Atlanta area and visiting Mt. Mitchell State Park to take in the breathtaking leaf color, Scott would not let himself get that close to the farm again without stopping in.

Scott is now 11 years old and has an interest in farming.

Happy 91st Birthday Sam – Local Citizens honored

Founder and owner, Sam Cartner, will turn 91 years old on Friday, October 7, 2011. Happy Birthday Sam!

Below I have copied a recent newspaper article ran on August 1st 2011 in the Avery Journal.

Avery County just turned 100 years old this year and Sam has been an integral part of its growth and development for over half of its existence.

I have also included a link to a website that describes the history of the Christmas Tree Industry in North Carolina.

Centennial Spotlight: Avery County Centennial to honor local citizens
-Tense Banks

Sam was raised on a farm in Davie County before coming to Avery County in 1949. His interest in agriculture led him to a career as county extension agent in Avery County where he served for 21 years. During his tenure with the Extension Service, he helped the farmers of the area make their land profitable. He continually worked to develop better production practices. In 1955, Cartner helped organize and draft the bylaws for the North Carolina Christmas Tree Association. Cartner with his wife Margaret were chosen “Avery County Farm Family of the Year” and was inducted into the Western North Carolina Agricultural Hall of Fame in 2002. The Cartner name is highly regarded by the agricultural community in Avery County.

History of the North Carolina Christmas Tree Industry

Weather Update

Our thoughts are continually with those in Texas, Oklahoma, and other areas that are so hot and dry right now. I just returned from a trip to Texas were I saw firsthand how bad it really is. While on the other hand, the northeast has recently endured two back to back tropical events that have inundated them with torrential rains that have created terrible flooding.

We have fortunately dodged both extremes and pray for those who continue to be affected. Here on the farm, we live in a very unique area. High atop the east coast, we stay in the clouds a lot. We benefit from orthographic lifting.

In other words, as air travels over the mountains, it gets lifted and cooled, regularly creating thunderstorms throughout the summer or a snow shower in the winter. I call it Mother Nature’s irrigation system. You typically see a thunderstorm brewing everyday about 3:00. Then by 4:00-4:30 it’s coming down. If it’s not raining or snowing then it’s foggy. That’s mountain living for you. The old timers here say the number of foggy days during the month of August will equal the number of snowy days we will have during the winter. Let me just say that we should have another big winter if that holds true!

This year we have received over 17 in. of rain during the growing season from May through August. The growth looks great and we are excited for another great year.

The Greatest Sunrise Ever!

I just witnessed an incredible sunrise as I went to the field this morning with the men. I’m glad I had my camera even though it doesn’t do it justice.

I am standing at 4500′ on our Upper Elk Farm looking at Grandfather Mountain to the east. Sugar Mountain is just in front of Grandfather. It’s very hard to see because it looks like it is part of Grandfather. I tried to zoom in so you could see it. Beech Mountain in just to the left, barely peeking out of the clouds.

Trees provided for Gymboree® Photoshoot

I received an order yesterday from a studio in Miami, FL yesterday doing a photo shoot for Gymboree. They orderd two 4′ trees, a 6′ tree and lots of greenery. We usually receive orders for larger trees being used in photo shoots. But I could just see those cute little kids standing in front of those little trees in the season’s best.

My wife was so excited to hear about their order. I thought to myself, finally I’m getting paid back for all those clothes I have bought for little Wyatt. Good luck with the trees.

Think of us when you see the upcoming Gymboree ads.

Updated Wholesale Information

I have recently updated our Buy Wholesale page to include a more in depth description of our harvesting process and our shipping abilities.

I know and understand your needs as a small garden center, a mom and pop shop, or as a small retail lot. I know our quality and service must be superior for you and I to successfully compete with the “big box” stores such as Lowes and Home Depot, therefore, we have increased our efforts and budget in the following areas:

  • Walking the fields twice by different people to check the quality of the trees tagged for harvest.
  • Upgrading #2 quality trees so everyone can afford a real tree.
  • Adding 2 ponds adjacent to the loading bins so trees are watered sufficiently like “fresh flowers”.
  • Posting current pictures and videos of your trees on our website.
  • Increasing communication during shipping and harvest via fax, telephone and e-mail.

Sam Cartner’s vision, since 1959, has always been to “grow a tree to decorate” and to ship the cleanest, greenest and freshest trees possible. We are certain our Fraser Firs will exceed your expectations, proving to be a great success for you. Please call if you have any questions, need any additional information or references. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.