Meet the Cartners

The Cartner Family

Nov. 2014   From left to  right  Sam C. Cartner, Sam Cartner Sr., Jim Cartner and David Cartner.

David and Dad

Sam Cartner Sr. and David Cartner.

David and Sam 2013

The Cartner Family

The Cartner Christmas Tree Farm is family owned and operated in the Blue Mountains of North Carolina. With wholesale shipping, mail order deliveries, and choose and cut visits, everyone has a job to do.

Founders, Sam and Magaret Cartner, have been growing high quality Fraser fir Christmas trees since 1959. Active in management today are Sam Sr. and his three sons, David, Jim, and Sam Jr. Margaret passed away in August of 2008.

Sam and Margaret Cartner


David W. Cartner

David is a laywer by profession and practices with his wife in Asheville, North Carolina. On the farm, David is most responsible for sales throughout the year and shipping logistics at harvest time.
Jim owns and operates his own vertenarian clinic in Statesville, North Carolina. On the farm, Jim breaks away from his busy schedule at the clinic to visit the farm throughout the summer and during harvest. During harvest he assists primarily in loading each order onto each truck.

Jim P. Cartner

Sam C. Cartner

Sam is currently the Interim Director of the Animal Sciences Department at the University of Alabama – Birmingham. Sam also finds time to visit the farm during the summer and at harvest.
Ronnie is the Field Manager. He implements the production aspects of the farm. He is directly responsible for our selection and tagging process as well as all equipment maintenence.  

Ronnie Beam

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