Weather Update

Our thoughts are continually with those in Texas, Oklahoma, and other areas that are so hot and dry right now. I just returned from a trip to Texas were I saw firsthand how bad it really is. While on the other hand, the northeast has recently endured two back to back tropical events that have inundated them with torrential rains that have created terrible flooding.

We have fortunately dodged both extremes and pray for those who continue to be affected. Here on the farm, we live in a very unique area. High atop the east coast, we stay in the clouds a lot. We benefit from orthographic lifting.

In other words, as air travels over the mountains, it gets lifted and cooled, regularly creating thunderstorms throughout the summer or a snow shower in the winter. I call it Mother Nature’s irrigation system. You typically see a thunderstorm brewing everyday about 3:00. Then by 4:00-4:30 it’s coming down. If it’s not raining or snowing then it’s foggy. That’s mountain living for you. The old timers here say the number of foggy days during the month of August will equal the number of snowy days we will have during the winter. Let me just say that we should have another big winter if that holds true!

This year we have received over 17 in. of rain during the growing season from May through August. The growth looks great and we are excited for another great year.